Black is the new White! (in watches)

30 Jun

Every year we hear the same thing (fill in the blank) is the new black.  Recently the opposite has been true in watches. ALL of the high-end designers recently have been showing black boyfriend-style watches.  Gucci, Dior, Chanel — are ALL showing black watches!Dior black watchgucci black watch chanel black watch











Cute, newly-wed Katie Couric even stepped out to a black-tie gala wearing a chic boyfriend style black watch.  So — we went looking and we found a GREAT one!  It’s called Noir Watch and it is $36 2 Katie Couric black watch stitched   Sparkle On!


Celebrity Looks4Less

18 Jun

Big padlock necklace like Rihanna’s,  a hologram bag like Rita Ora,  designer-look black boyfriend watch like Katie Couric, beautiful turquoise necklace like Megan Fox and a patriotic scarf like Demi Lovato are our latest Celebrity Looks4Less — watch them here — filmed last Sunday on WBAL-TV in Baltimore:


Demi Lovato flag scarf 2 Katie Couric black watch stitched 2 Megan Fox turquoise necklace stitched 2 Rihanna padlock stitched 2 Rita Ora stitched

Look4Less Accessories – Michael Kors’ ad

20 Mar

We’re loving this ad that is in most of the April fashion mags and have matched up that necklace AND handbag for under $75!!!!Michael Kors ad

 Madison handbag $49 (click for more info)Madison red $49 cropped Tooth Charm Necklace (long) $23

Horn Charm brown 2  2 $18

Whatdya think of those apples?  Happy First Day of Spring!!!!

National Have Fun At Work Day!

28 Jan

Today is National Have Fun at Work Day and we’d just like to you know that Shop4Sparkles is fun everyday!  Here’s a glimpse of our daily to-do list:

— download orders, check messages, return emails, check social media

— search the news for fun fashion tidbits to share with our customers

— email the fashion editors to see what they’re up to and what we can help them with

— shop the various sites where we buy merchandise to see what’s new

— do a Facebook and Pinterest post

— fulfill orders for the day

— read fashion magazines to keep up on trends and look for inspiration

That’s just a glimpse into our world.  How can we NOT have fun, right???


It’s Summertime!

21 Jan

As you know, Shop4Sparkles does a lot of work with the editorial staff at the various fashion magazines – providing them with accessories – which is always fun.  But what is particularly great is that we’re always working six months ahead.  So while it may be cold and snowy in most parts of the country, the conversations we’re having with the magazine editors these days are all about summer — long necklaces to go with sundresses, sunglasses, bright colors!  So it’s makes summer seem like it’s right around the corner and THAT’S a good thing!

On that note, the high-end designers are really coming up with some fab-o-la sunnies (that’s the cool term for sunglasses!!! like LBD!) and Shop4Sparkles has some really really great styles on the way.  Stay tuned!!!

Stay warm, fellow Sparklers!


Black & Gold Late Summer / Fall Accessory Love!

7 Aug

At the start of the summer season, white was our favorite new accessory color. Now, we’re moving into the late summer season and refining our choices a bit. This upcoming F/W 2012 style season is calling for a lot of black and gold, from clothing and jewelry, to even headgear!


Dolce & Gabanna Black + Gold F/W 2012


Gucci Black + Gold F/W 2012

 Design houses like Versace, Dolce & Gabanna, and Gucci have been at the forefront of this trend forecast, and now we offer you some of their runway-inspired accessory looks for a fraction of the cost!


From our most recently featured Fashion Forward Bracelet, found in the latest issue of Redbook Magazine, to our geometrically-inspired Chloe Earrings (bottom left), there is little bit of something for everyone with the newest accessory trend.  The black & gold is a commanding look that draws attention to your power and confidence in what you wear!

Check out more black & gold looks on by clicking here.

Until next time,

xoxo / Shop4Sparkles!

Ring Of The Week: Stars & Stripes Ring!

12 Jul

Happy Thursday to all, the week is almost through, but we’re ready to sparkle well into the weekend.

Click Image To See Our New Ring Of The Week In Shop!

Here’s our brand new Ring Of The Week, the fabulous Stars & Stripes Ring. For lovers of geometric-style jewelery, this one is for you. Lined with rows of true blue, and white crystals stacked asymmetrically, this is a great statement piece with a hint of color making it perfect for summer wardrobes.

Ring Of The Week: Stars & Stripes Ring | Great Summer Statement Piece.

The ring fits very comfortably on the index finger, and doesn’t move a bit. As usual, the band is elastic and stretches to fit most any finger you’d like to wear it on [ although it would be a bit too big for the pinky].

Side view of   Stars & Stripes Ring | Ring Of The Week

As you can see here, this is a cute piece to wear with a great manicure and some nail art. This funky nail  design is by Nail Tite! This ring would also go great with our White Watch.

The Stars & Stripes Ring is now in the shop for a wonderfully valued  price, so make sure you grab one of these one-of-a-kind rings before they are out of stock.

Until Next Time,


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